Dr Gonzalo E. Díaz Murillo


Prostate – CMP

Avoiding Prostate Biopsies


                       C.M.P. -Prostate



1- Avoid the prostate Biopsy

2- Lower the PSA levels

3- Detect prostate and urogenital conditions

4- Detect other diseases

5- Detect what is increasing the PSA
6- Detect what is causing all the symptoms

7- Recommend the proper treatments
8- Detect what is causing hemospermia and similar conditions
9- Determine if Prostatectomy is required and if so, which technique



1- Clinical History

2- Thorough Physical

3- 19 sonograms both Color ultrasound and Black and White ultrasound, complemented with Color Doppler and Power Doppler if requiered

4- Merge findings to get a better diagnosis

5- Computer aided diagnosis

6- Full written report

7- Diagnosis (listing)

8- Conditions increasing the PSA (listing)

9- Digital images (Color and Black and White)

10- Recommendations

11- Personal explanation

12- Up to 4 follow-ups during three months (personal, phone or email)




1- Avoids prostate biopsy

2- Detects what is increasing the PSA and causing the symptoms

3- Higher sensitivity: 99.8%  (5 times)

4- 100%  safe (no risks or side effects)

5- You can continue your normal activities right after the exam

6- Simple requirements

7- Painless

8- Fast: 3 hours are enough

9- Results on next working day. We can email the results, too



1- Book your appointment. It depends on availability

2- Stay 2 nights in Bogota

3- 3 hours for the exam

4- You must be in Bogota the evening before the exam

5- Follow our instructions before the exam

Prostate cancer


  1. It is dangerous, painful, incapacitating, with serious consequences and can cause metastasis, septicemia, and even death
  2. The chance of its detecting cancer in minimal as the tissue sample obtained by the needles is less than 1% of the average prostate in the patients in which it is taken
  3. If cancer is detected, the possibility of metastasis increases considerably because of :
    • The inflammatory reaction produced by the needles  
    • The possibility of perforating the capsule of the tumor causing metastasis


 Preparation for the Prostate C.M.P.

1.   Be in Bogotá from the night before the exam

2.   Eat a bland diet the night before the exam

3.   The day of the exam, not consume anything except for a liter of water which should be drunk 10 minutes before the exam, without urinating until after the examination of the bladder.

4.   Not take any medicine the day of the exam unless it is indispensable (Ask if it can be taken beforehand)

5.   Have a travad (or similar) intrarectal enema (not oral) of 1 liter 3 hours before the appointment, holding it 15 minutes before releasing.

6.   Immediately after releasing the enema a thorough cleaning of the anus with abundant soap and water, preferably showering. If evacuation is repeated, a cleaning of the anus with soap and water should be repeated. There should be no remains of fecal material or toilet paper.

7.   If the patient uses contact lenses, they should bring the case and liquid as they may need to remove them briefly.

8.   Not use talcum powder or cologne except for underarm deodorant.

9.   Trim the hair in genital area with scissors

10.    Bring any imaging exams   carried out in the last year (older than that are useless)

11.    Bring laboratory exams carried out in the previous month (older than that are no good)