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3-D/4-D color ultrasound

Manufactures are using 1.5D / 2D arrays and mechanically swiveled transducers to produce 3-D sonograms. My current conception of 3-D ultrasound has a very different approach. It is a third alternative. In fact, this is one of the new techniques I am trying to develop.

When physicians completely understand the importance of 3-D sonography and its tremendous advantages, it surely will become a standard. We must improve research and cooperation between engineers and final users (sonologists, radiologists, sonographers, etc.) to get the best results. This is just the beginning of a new technology.

Many end 3-D ultrasound users aim their efforts at pleasing mothers by offering them a 3-D view of their babies' sonograms. This is a waste of technology, money and time. It makes people think of 3-D ultrasound as a "money making technique". 3-D sonography is a very useful diagnostic technique. 3-D sonograms must be used to solve medical diagnostic problems and improve the diagnosis.

This does not mean 3-D ultrasound is useless. It means they have not found a better use for it yet and that there is much research to be done. That is why we must support new technology and join our efforts to get better results. Here is when new and useful medical uses for 3-D and 4-D ultrasound appear.